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Welcome Bird Lovers!
Welcome to the Los Gatos Birdwatcher. We are the nature lover’s general store, specializing in everything to do with bird feeding and bird watching, including seed, feeders, baths, hardware and optics. Also included in our offerings are clothing, jewelry, books, kids stuff and many great gift items. We are located in the King’s Court Center at the corner of Los Gatos Blvd. and Blossom Hill Road, in Los Gatos.

John and Freddy Howell in front of Los Gatos Birdwatcher.
Los Gatos Birdwatcher owners John and
Freddy Howell.
Our mission is to create magic and adventure through the love and experience of nature. In order to bring this mission to reality, we strive not just to be the best "general store for nature lovers" but also to be "not just a store but a community resource." We support and work closely with many partners in the environmental arena.

We offer a complete line of products to help you enjoy wild birds and foster a healthy backyard habitat.

Upcoming Special Events
South Georgia Island, Antarctic Expedition
THURSDAY, JULY 16, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
at The Los Gatos Birdwatcher

King Penguins Doug Cheeseman, founder of Cheeseman’s Ecology Safari’s will be giving a presentation on South Georgia Island, also known as the crown jewel of the Antarctic. The presentation coincides with their upcoming 20 day expedition set for Oct. 29 – Nov. 17, 2015 when they will charter their own ship to explore the Antarctic. Cheeseman’s Ecology Safari’s has been leading expeditions to the Antarctic for decades, but this upcoming tour is extra special as it coincides with Shackleton’s 100th anniversary of his own Antarctic expedition. There is still room on their upcoming tour so if you wanted to learn more now is the time. Besides being a teacher and expedition leader, Doug is an exceptional photographer and will have beautiful photographs to share. In their own words, “Explore the vast colonies of King Penguins and other charming penguins, Elephant Seals in their peak of breeding activity, and colonies of nesting albatross. The landscape of glaciers pouring into the sea and snow-capped peaks provides rare beauty and photogenic impressiveness that words cannot convey.”No Charge but call to reserve your seat.

Emily Upham-Mills Songbirds, Where Do They Go for the Summer?
THURSDAY, JULY 30, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
at The Los Gatos Birdwatcher

Have you ever wondered where the birds in your yard go every spring? Every spring up to 3 billion birds migrate north to their breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Canada. Please join Emily Upham-Mills and learn about the boreal forest habitat, what the habitat looks like, what birds are found here in the spring and summer and how biologists monitor the boreal songbird populations. Emily has her Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Biology and has completed three field seasons working with songbirds in the boreal forests of northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  No Charge but call to reserve your seat.

African wildlife Bucket-List African Adventure
THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
at The Terraces

Join Chris Kruger and Denise Doetsch as they share their African experience. The adventure begins in Zambia, home to Victoria Falls, and includes a visit to a local village. From there the journey crosses the border into Botswana. After several days in the hot Kalahari Desert the journey continues to bustling Capetown complete with its own “Wonders of Nature”, Table Mountain. The presentation ends with a final stop in Kruger National Park for one more visit with the amazing wildlife.
No Charge but call to reserve your seat.

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Location and Hours
Los Gatos Birdwatcher
in King’s Court Shopping Center
at Los Gatos Boulevard
792 Blossom Hill Road
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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Monday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, 12 noon - 5pm

Los Gatos Birdwatcher, 792 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030, 408-358-9453, info@losgatosbirdwatcher.com info@losgatosbirdwatcher.com
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