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A Walk Through the Los Gatos Birdwatcher
Entering the Los Gatos Birdwatcher is similar to going into
a neighbor’s backyard

Mural by Wolfgang Heinritz The stone path leads both right and left. The redwood fence is all around and the mural over the back fence is the much like the view from houses along Blossom Hil Road. In fact, the artist sketched the hills behind the center while on the roof of the store.

TRIVIA: The muralist, Wolfgang Heinritz, always paints three “secret” items into his murals: A wolf’s head, a caricature of himself and just for fun, a naked lady. See if you can find all of them. We will be delighted to move boxes around to speed your investigation.

Front window area You will see many fun accessories for your home and garden birdbaths, fountains, garden statuary, flags, stake feeders and much more. Since it’s important to be able to see what the temperature is outside, there are window mounted thermometers and ones that can be hung on the fence, but still visible from inside.   Back to Top

Just before you get to the seed, stop and look at all the seed and nuts available if you like to feed the squirrels. There is also corn (whole kernel and cracked for the wild turkeys). The seed bins are located along the left wall.

One of the things that puts the Los Gatos Birdwatcher seed
above other seed is Quality

There are no fillers in our seed. No Milo, no junk, and the birds know it. Many customers have shared that they once ran out of our seed, and ended up buying “Wild Bird Seed” from their local hardware or grocery store, and were surprised to learn that their birds wouldn’t eat the stuff and left. However, the birds did come back when Los Gatos Birdwatcher seed was returned to the feeder.  Back to Top

Birds know the difference between seed. Specific seed, in specific feeders, bring specific birds. Mixes in hopper feeders attract many different species. Tube feeders are best for single seed, but many people use our all-purpose Birder’s Choice Blend (with shells) or Suet and seed bins Pure Patio Mix (without shells) in tube feeders with great success. Platform or fly-thru feeders feed the whole crowd, including squirrels.

Along the seed wall you’ll find peanut and suet feeders designed to attract chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, nuthatches as well as finches and jays (yes, squirrels like it, too). If you really don’t want squirrels, consider hot pepper suet, caged suet and caged peanut feeders. Suet comes in a large variety of flavors, including fruit, peanut and insect. For people with little time, or with children helpers or for folks with limited dexterity, we have a selection of seed blocks or cakes in seed and nut mixes. These are low mess, easily presented cakes that make feeding birds a snap.

Moving along the seed wall, you will see window feeders that bring the birds right up to the window. There is nothing like having a meal with a titmouse, hummingbird or grosbeak. Nyjer or thistle feeders for goldfinches follow. Many different styles are available from ones with perches or those with mesh that allows the goldfinches to swarm. Our pallets hold our weekly supply of seed stacked up with the larger bags of seed types as well as blends. When you come into the store, ask for our Backyard Bird Feeder Styles and Seed Preferences Chart to see which of your backyard birds like what seed and out of which feeder.

Tube feeders hanging over seed pallets The tube feeders hang over the seed pallets. We are an authorized service center for Droll Yankee and Aspects brand products. These products come with a lifetime warranty and attract the perching songbirds that many people enjoy in their yards. Check out the easy-to-clean feeders from both manufacturers. Mixes with millet as the main ingredient are better presented in hopper or platform feeders.  Back to Top

Restrictive Feeders Along the back wall you will see all our restrictive feeders and all the baffles and cages designed to keep the squirrels and larger birds at bay. Whether by access restriction (cages) or by weight restriction (spring drop) these are feeders that come under the category of “build a better mouse trap and they will come.” The feeders are intended to be “squirrel-proof.” None of our feeders hurt squirrels.

Bird BathsNext to the restrictive feeders are our bird baths made of metal with a plastic insert that can either clamp or screw to a deck railing or fence, hang, or stake mount.  Back to Top

Bird HousesContinuing along the back wall is our selection of nesting boxes. We have a large selection of houses/boxes all built to the proper specifications for specific species. Check out the hole size plaque to see the possibilities of the birds you can attract to your yard. Important things to consider when choosing a nest box are ventilation, drainage and some form of clean out. All of our houses are serviceable with a few having decorative features.  Back to Top

Bat Roosting BoxesNext to the bird nesting boxes are roosting boxes for our local Little Brown and Big Brown bats that visit us in the summer. There are specific requirements for these boxes, so if you are interested, be sure to pick up one of our tip sheets.

As you peruse the back wall, don’t forget to look at the hummingbird feeders nearby. We have basic easy to clean, easy to view feeders as well more decorative feeders that still must adhere to the easy clean, easy view criteria. Curious about the red streamers hanging from several of the feeders? We have found that putting the streamer on the bottom of a new feeder, especially one with just a little red, attracts the hummer and makes the transition to a new feeder a bit faster.  Back to Top

Los Gatos Birdwatcher stocks a unique variety of gifts and
educational resources

Kids' CornerThe Kids’ Corner is a favorite of our little customers and their parents. Educational books on birds, nature and how to make things for your backyard are next to a complete selection of plush Audubon Birds that make the authentic call of the bird! The designers have been pretty true to the color of the bird presented. It’s fun to add to your collection and we have several young customers with very large collections. Looking for a woodworking project? There are feeder and birdhouse kits for ages 6 and up, and our wide selection of puzzles is very popular with all ages.  Back to Top

In the book section, you’ll find a complete selection of field guides to help identify the birds you have coming to your feeders. We also carry books on specific subjects such as hawks, hummingbirds, bats, nest and nestlings, birding hot spots. We also carry many nature novels.

Birding and Gardening Hats


As you look towards the center of the store, you will see displays with bags, purses and guidebook holders. Check out the Identiflyer, a sound player that emits authentic bird songs to help you learn to recognize and to attract birds to your yard. A wide variety of song cards are available from raptors, to ducks to songbirds.

An important piece of clothing for both birding and gardening is a hat. We proudly sell Wallaroo, Sunday Afternoon and Dorfman-Pacific hats, most of which are UPF50 sun protective. They come in many different styles and colors. Almost all our hats are adjustable to fit most sized heads, including children.

In this area you will also find an ever-changing selection of nature clothing: t-shirts, cardigans with matching T’s and seasonal sweatshirts. Shawls are a favorite with many women and we have a great selection.  Back to Top

Hardware AccessoriesNext are all the hardware accessories. Shepherd hooks, deck brackets to clamp or screw on, branch hooks, in ground supports for poles and posts or patio bases. Any scenario has a solution.

Optics Towards the front of the store you will see our Optics cabinet. We have chosen a wonderful selection of birding optics in all price ranges. We enjoy working with individuals to help them choose the best pair for their needs and understand that it is a big decision. We encourage you to come into the store so you can closely examine each pair and even take them outside and test them.  Back to Top

Greeting and Song CardsNear the register is our gift area with flour sack dishtowel and embroidered apron display. In the same area are Henry’s vegetarian dog biscuits (these have Sage’s stamp of approval). This is the area where you will find a large up-to-date selection of cards and stationary with lines like Leanin’ Tree, Tree Free, JQ and other cards by local artists. Near the cards is a rack that holds our Fox Glove gardening gloves. If you have never tried these on, you are in for a treat. Not only do they come in great colors, they are great for gardening because you can “feel” what you are doing as they fit very snugly. They are also great for birding in the fall and winter because they add just enough warmth. After gardening, try our Awakenings Hand Cream. Your hands will never feel better.

Our large spectacular tubular windchimes are made by artist, Wes Picotte of Santa Barbara. Come in and ring them all. All at once if you like! We also carry a selection of specialty chimes from Woodstock and San Pacific International. Chimes are perfect for every gift giving situation and feng shui solution.

Joan Baker artistic glass In the window is a lovely display of our offerings from Joan Baker.The line includes painted glass panels, vases and tealight holders. You will find some beautiful bird, hummingbird, butterfly and flower designs.

Decorative Wall Art Check out the spectacular woodcarvings by Redding artist, Gordon Stennett, as well as our tiles. The spinner between cabinets has post-it notes, magnetic lists, playing cards and other stationary items.

Jewelry One special department is on or near the front register island — Jewelry. Thanks to our great employee, Kathleen, we have just the right piece of jewelry with a nature theme. We carry designs by Wild Bryde, SueB, Bamboo and Joseph Brinton. Zulugrass jewelry made by the Masai women in Africa, come in lots of different colors changing with the season. Come into the store for a demonstration on all the things you can do with Zulugrass. Sales of Zulugrass provide the Masai women of Kenya an economic stream that allows them to stay within their community group using a renewable resource.  Back to Top

Socks! Also near the register island is our display of socks! We are famous for our selection of socks. Wheel House, K Bell, Socksmith and Hot Sox are all well represented.

Hope to see you in the store soon!
We look forward to helping you pick out just the right gift for someone, including you, as well as answer all your bird feeding questions.

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